About Us

La Boca Erótica is an arts festival in constant evolution.

La Boca Erótica main gold is to show in a lighthearted, committed and daring way all kind of relationships where we can see: sensuality, eroticism, love, seduction, desire, passion, lust, jealousy, conflicts and everything that has to do with the approach and communication between the sexes.

La Boca Erótica talks politics, education and society, taking sexuality as a starting point.

La Boca Erótica proposal is to question and dialogue, and to do so all we need is a good dose of respect.

It’s a festival built by artists themselves through the works they present.

All the golds of the festival grow and develop in every single edition, you can be part of La Boca Erótica and help make it a place of greater expression.


Asier Muñiz

Seventh Art Coordination
Alberto Sedano, Bea Alcalá y Asier Muñiz

Illustration Contest Coordination
Charo Flo

Short Stories Contest Coordination
Marisa Mañana

Handwritten / Typewritten

Artistic Direction
Marta Daza

Production Assistant
Cristina “Pepita Pulgarcita”

Subtitlling Coordination
Pilar Fainete

Website Translations Coordination
Sara Triviño

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