About Us

La Boca Erótica is the first erotic art festival in Spain.

We want to offer a transversal vision of eroticism. At the same time we ask ourselves about the meaning of the word within a diverse society.
An exploration of sexuality from a social point of view and without gender barriers.

The festival opens a dialogue about society, education and politics based on sex as its origin and the arts as language.

La Boca Erótica is a celebration of sex, a celebration of diversity that fosters creativity and respect for different sexual orientations.

We expose in a casual, committed and risky way all kinds of relationships in which it is present: sensuality, eroticism, love, seduction, desire, passion, lust, jealousy, conflicts.
Along with all that has to do with the approach and communication between the sexes.



Asier Muñiz

Seventh Art Coordination
Alberto Sedano, Bea Alcalá y Asier Muñiz

Illustration Contest Coordination
Charo Flo

Short Stories Contest Coordination
Marisa Mañana

Handwritten / Typewritten

Artistic Direction
Marta Daza

Production Assistant
Cristina “Pepita Pulgarcita”

Subtitlling Coordination
Pilar Fainete

Website Translations Coordination
Sara Triviño

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