Contest Rules for La Boca Erótica´s first photography competition.
The first round of the LBE Festival Erotic Photography Contest will open on Friday, December 15th, 2007.
The proposed theme for the occasion is “Iberian Eroticism”.
We are searching for the personal perspective of individual artists, that their artwork exudes eroticism, and goes way beyond the
“bull-hide” Spanish stereotypes.
• 1. Participants. Professional and amateur photographers over the age of 18 are eligible, as well as groups regardless of nationality or place of residence. Photographs must be original and not have won any other competition before the judges´ decision is made public.
• 2. Theme. Proposals must cater to the theme ´´Iberian Eroticism´´.
• 3. Mode. Photographs may be taken with a camera or any other mobile device or Tablet provided that they are of sufficient quality to be printed up to a size of 30x45 cm.    
• 4.  Entry. Entry into the competition will take place by emailing at fotografia [@] requesting acknowledgement of receipt of works with the subject INSCRIPCIÓN CONCURSO FOTOGRÁFICO LBE. Send artwork in digital files, titled with the first and last name of the author, as well as numbered, in case more than one piece of artwork is sent (Paco_Roca1.jpg).
A maximum of 3 photographs per author may be submitted, or a compositional collection that will be counted as if it were one piece of artwork.
All photographs must carry a title, and will not be valid under any circumstances if ´´Untitled´´.  
Copy of DNI or Passport must be included with the contest inscription/entry file.
• 5. Format. Files must have the .JPG or .TIFF extension, be 1920 pixels high quality, and without any water marks or borders.
• 6. Submission Deadline. Deadline for artwork submission for pre-selection will be Sunday, February 28, 2018 at 24:00 Spanish time
Once the final artworks are selected, the organization will contact the artists in order for them to submit the original prints of the photographs.  
• 7. Exhibition. All of the artwork presented to the competition will form part of the art show that will take place in Madrid during the La Boca Erótica’s Festival, and will be uploaded to the festival website. 
8. Artwork. Artwork presented will be kept by the festival’s organization for one year, for promotion. After this time all artists, expect the competition winner, can request its return.
• 9.  Rights. Photography artists are responsible for securing the approval of models or players appearing in their photos for distributionof said photos and participation in the La Boca Erótica’s competition thus exempting the organization from any third party liability.
Authors of the artwork presented will relinquish non-exclusive rights of reproduction and promotion of the works to the organizer and La Boca Erótica festival, provided that no aim to profit exists on the parts of these organizations, except in the case the competition winner will who will also relinquish their rights of exclusivity. 
• 10. Jury. The official jury of the competition will be comprised of professionals from the worlds of photography, culture, and communication. Their decision is final.
• 11. Prizes: A one-time cash prize of 500 €.
12. The winner.  The contest winner will be published on the festival’s website at
13. The festival under no circumstances will be responsible for sending or returning the pieces of artwork.  
• 14. Participation in this competition implies knowledge and acceptance of these rules.
• 15. The La Boca Erótica reserves the right to modify any part of these rules if deemed necessary.
Thanks to everyone for participating and Good Work!
For any questions about the rules don´t hesitate to contact us at fotografia [@]