Anne Cé

Anne Cé

Journalist specialized in films and visual arts; Anne Cé was born in the far south of Argentina, during the “Beatles” time and in a country with high density of psychoanalysts and football players. She’s the author of the blog Eros of the newspaper El País and collaborates in other areas of diffusion of artistic-erotic themes, currently resides in Madrid. The accompanying image is an original piece of Yoh Nagao for the cover of the book “Lux Erótica”, by Anne Cé (Kindle Edition-El País).

Roberto Pérez Toledo

Roberto Pérez Toledo

Born in Lanzarote, graduated in audiovisual communication, director and script writer of more than twenty short films (“Vuelco”, “Nuestro propio cielo”, “Los gritones”, o “Rotos” are some of the most popular ones) that have toured many festivals around the five continents and achieved more than a hundred awards. Last year he released his debut long-film, “Seis puntos sobre Emma”, which won the Biznagas de Plata for the Best Actress award (Verónica Echegui) and the Best Script at the Málaga Festival, the Audience Award and the Best Ópera Prima Award with Cinespaña (France) or the Best Ópera Prima Award with MadridImagen, amongst other awards. On the 31st of October he will release “Al final todos mueren”, a collective long-film in which he runs one of the four episodes that comprise it.

Roberto Pérez Toledo

Irene Anula

Actress formed with Cristina Rota, John Strasberg and Fernando Piernas among others.
In theater we have seen her with the Stampida Theatre Company in each of its productions, in the " Katarsis del Tomatazo " and micro-theatre with the play "Nosotros 2023 ", "Tu regalo " and "# Orientalcake ".
She is presently part of the theatrical production “Los miércoles no existen” by Peris Romano at the Lara Theater (Madrid). Her television appearances are in tv shows such as “Amar en tiempos revueltos” and “Génesis, en la mente del asesino”. Her career in the short-film world is as wide as the awards that she has received, thanks to short-films such as “Como conocí a tu padre” and “Abimbowe” both directed by Alex Montoya. She also worked with David Planell in “Subir y bajar” and Borja Glez. Santaolla in the short “Hazte amigo de las gordas”. We have been able to see her in other works such as “La princesa alegría” by Daniel Utrilla, “Por fin en casa” by Julio Mazarico, in “Halloween before Christmas” directed by Rafa Martínez... Her recent work is in the short-film “#STOP”, directed by Sergio Barrejon, “25” by Iñaki Ardanaz and Borja Glez. Santaolla, “La 5a Dimensión” by Liteo Deliro.

Roberto Pérez Toledo

Iñaki Ardanaz

He studied acting at the Cristina Rota School and later continued his formation with Fernando Piernas. He has won different awards for best actor thanks to the short-film “Como conocí a tu padre” by Alex Montoya, with whom he has worked on several occasions.

Other works to point out in the short-film world are “El Psicopompo” by Daniel Andres Pedrosa”, “El 2o de la 3a temporada” by David Planell, “Horizonte” by Aitor Uribarri… He has participated in tv shows such as “Doctor Mateo”, “Hospital Central”, “Planta 25”, “Vaya Semanita: Cambio Radical” and “El Secreto de Puente Viejo”… And in theater, it’s worth note his work as an actor in “Katarsis del Tomatazo”, plays with the Stampida Theater Company, and plays such as “Nosotros 2023”, “Tu Regalo”, “Par o Impar”, “Luto”. He recently directed the micro-theater play called “Orientalcake”, and co-directed the short film “25” with Borka Glez. Santaolla. We have also seen him in the TV-movie “El Asesinato de Carrero Blanco” directed by Miguel Bardem and “La Herida” by Fernando Franco.